Things you need to consider while buying a laser printer

There is no surprise about the fast decline rate in the cost of Laser printers in last few years. Now it becomes very easy to buy a laser Print with multifunction at a very reasonable price. The cost of laser printers starts from $130. The buyers like students and people started their offices just now really need the printers, even people use printers at home also. So it is a very essential device for the initial outlay. the laser printers provide the fast and best quality printing at the very economic per paper cost.

If you’re looking to buy a multifunction Laser printer, here are the tips you need to consider before buying:

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Things you need to consider while buying a laser printer

1. Design or color?

The first criteria you need to consider while going to buy a printer is its design and color. First, you need to decide what kind of documents you want to print( Coloured or black and white). Aske yourself which type of printer will suit your printing requirements. If you want Printer just for print like printing invoice or other simple documents than you can go for a monochrome laser printer. For printing colored documents, you need to buy a color laser printer.

2. Types of functions

The no. of functions you want perform from the printer also affect the choice of laser printer device, If you want to documents scanning, making copies, sending and receiving faxes, then go for a multifunction laser printer If you just want to print simple documents that you can buy a cheap laser printer with online typing features.

3. Paper handling

Most of the printers will handle paper up to the A4 size. So if you are looking to print documents on A3-sized paper than you need to buy a specific model. The people used to print the heavier paper they need to buy a printer having a multi-purpose tray. For this, you need to check the specification of the device and you will need to check the printer’s specifications to see exactly the weight of the paper that it can handle.

4. Connectivity

USB Connectivity is common in all printers, But if you need the printer for office use then you need Ethernet connectivity. This will allow you to plug the printer into your network router and share it with the workers in your office. The printer will access to all computer of the network with the Ethernet connectivity.

5. Ease of use

As we all know this is the ear of touch every device like the laptop, Tablet and smartphones come with touchscreen technology, then why not to buy a Printer with a touchscreen? A touchscreen makes the printing task easier by easy navigation of printer’s menu system.

6. Outgoing cost

The initial cost of a laser printer depends on the type of printer you buy but the ongoing cost of the printer depend on the consumables you need in printing like papers, Ink or tonner. It’s the overall total cost of ownership that you need to be aware of.

This includes the cost of replacement toner, the yield of the toner (how many pages it can print), and the cost of any other consumables that are associated with the printer.

7. Noise range and power consumption

Noise amount is not easy to evaluate before using the printer, So you need to try it in a different type of place to evaluate the noise amount like at a showroom or retailer with a low noise floor. So set a perfect environment to test the noise of the printer

Power usage is also a fact you need to consider. In particular, you should look for a printer that consumes less power. Look for a model that is Energy Star compliant.

8. Processor and memory

Another factor you need to consider in Printer is the comparison of processors between laser printers. The speed in megahertz can give a good indication of the processing power of the printer, and decide the process jobs and run its inbuilt functions.

The memory capacity of the printer is another point you need to find in printers, Printing from graphics and design applications by using PCL or PostScript languages needed much space to store the print information. Check the memory is expandable or not.

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